Area : 40000 Sq.ft
Location: Taliparamba, Kannur District, Kerala
Year: 2017 / On going

Located in a B-Town, this affluent and high density catchment area will soon house a pulsating amusement market space with high brand reach, all under one roof with a vision of serving the ultimate market experience for retailers. Market Place is an impeccable space capable of serving retailers with a marvelous retailing experience along with increased sales and profit. An impressive selection of retail stores, services and restaurants can be set up at the Market Place to provide a truly exceptional experience. The affordable and customizable retail spaces enable the retail to be designed according to a creative and commercial discipline in order to grow their business with maximum efficiency.
Market Places effective architectural design makes it a comfortable place for retailers to reach the right customers and prospects efficiently. It is designed a way to enhance sales and productivity. The brilliantly positioned retail spaces designed to attract customers will result in increased qualitative sales and productivity. These stores provide an effective solution for retailers to have their goods, or merchandise, or services reach the users end. The available facilities provide the retailers with an opportunity to know their customer's needs and act accordingly.