Area : 2,500 Sq.ft
Location: Payambalam Beach, Kannur, Kerala
Year: 2014 / Completed

The idea was to create a sublime minimalistic space for the flat at 45m above ground level overlooking the waves of Payambalam beach. It’s a weekend home to break away from the typical urban routine. The color inspiration for ‘7B Sky Deck’ comes from the sky, waves and sand; whites, light grays and copper make up the main color palette. The lines of this futuristic interior are kept clean yet curvaceous; curved corners, smooth and continuous connecting various elements, from ceiling to wall to storage to a niche. The design was inspired by waves which constantly change its form & shape. The ‘Console’ is a single piece furniture, which is a work desk-cum-bed. This fully automated white interiors makes it clean, stark, comfortable and functional.